Who’d do it better?

Who’d do it better?

Have you ever watched a movie and thought a different actor could do it better? Well that is exactly the kind of conversation that my cohorts and I had recently while at work.

The primary movie in question was The Last Samurai. Our general, collective distaste for Tom Cruise prompted us to come up worth a different choice. My suggestion was Liam Neeson, regardless of the fact that he is basically a trump card as far as actors go.

I even postulated that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, fresh from his role in “3rd rock from the sun” would’ve made a better Frodo Baggins. Many suggestions and discussions on that subject took place that day. I was always right, of course.

This was just a post to outline the kind of wonderful, inane and wonderfully inane conversations that happen to creep up at work.

Try it for yourselves, pick a favourite movie. Now, how would you cast it?