Another long time, no post

Another long time, no post

I’ve been bad. I made a post on Medium about writing and have neglected to follow my own advice.
I want and need to do more writing because I want to get paid for it and I actually do enjoy it on occasion. I realise some of it will be crappy work but I can still do some enjoyable writing for the sake of it.

I’ve made an account on Fiverr after doing some on-line research on freelancing. I have yet to make a “gig“, as they call them, but once I do it may make me a bit of cash and get me some valuable experience that could lead to more opportunities. My user name on there is Jonny07 for anyone who needs a laugh.

I’m choosing to be optimistic until proven otherwise and will try to make more posts (more consistently) in the future. Needless to say, my book needs more attention because I’m sure it’s beginning to feel like an unloved stepchild.
Time to see if I can put my lack of money where my mouth is.

Long time, no post.

Long time, no post.

I’ve been busy with my two part-time jobs, lazy, and just unmotivated in general.  I like making excuses too.

However, I have actually done work on the book I’m writing. Not as much as I’d like but something is better than nothing. I have (mostly) completed the intro to my book and the rest lies ahead of me. I regard every little bit I write as a victory, otherwise I would quickly become discouraged and likely stop altogether. Even writing this post is helping to flex my writing muscle, even if only a little. For any one who’s interested, I’ll post a short sample of what I’ve written for my book so far:

“As I look at the grizzly scene, I try not to gag from the smell. It hasn’t been long enough for them to start decomposing but the sheer amount of blood creates a dense, almost acrid smell that’s off-putting at least. I’m surprised at how composed I remain, even after noticing a portion of skull with an eye still attached staring at me from the floor behind the couch among the other assorted parts of skull and brain matter. I can’t even tell who it belonged to.”

Not much context but I hope it was intriguing at least. If I can muster it, I’ll keep writing and posting. When I have more actually written, I’ll post another update specific to my book and maybe another sample.

I’m cheating on you with myself…

I’m cheating on you with myself…


What I actually mean is while I’ve been trying, more or less, to do a post every week, I’m going to have to dial it back to maybe one a month. I’m actually giving a good effort to do what I’ve wanted to do for some time and write a book that has been in my head for years.

If I do any more posts than that (or less) you can probably blame my book. I will likely post updates as to how the book is coming along and how frustrating it is to try and write one. If my posts are not updates, they’ll likely be something I feel the inspiration or need to vent about which may help bolster my creativity for my book (or, more honestly, provide a break from it).

While I won’t reveal all about my book, I’ll tell you it will be similar to the show Heroes. People with powers. It will be centred around one individual over, what I hope, is a three book series.


This part may help fellow wannabe writers

As for the way I’m writing it, I did a bit of research into writing software so I could choose the right program to help organise and expedite the writing process. Two programs stood out, yWriter and Scrivener.

From what I can see, Scrivener seems to be the most polished and feature-heavy program of the two and for good reason. It’s 40 dollars. USD. It has a 30-day free trial but I didn’t try it out. I don’t know how many of those features I’d use and I didn’t feel the need to spend 40 dollars. Anyone with money problems, tight budgets, or a genetic pre-disposition to cheapness may find the price tag a bit steep.

As for yWriter, it’s free! That should appeal to many but also raises some concerns. Are there annoying ads? Are you going to have to pay for additional features? How good could it possibly be? Let me help a bit: there’s no ads; you get the full program; it does seem pretty good. If you want to donate to get it registered, it’s mainly a way to show support and it’ll be 24.95, max. It may not have as many features or be as flashy as Scrivener but I read through all the info for both and decided even yWriter had more features than I’d need and I didn’t have to pay for it. Pretty good deal!

I chose to use yWriter but I still recommend anyone who is thinking of writing look into both (and possibly more) and just get what will work best for you and what you want to do. If writing is something you are serious about, 40 dollars is not a lot to invest to help make it a reality.