Another long time, no post

Another long time, no post

I’ve been bad. I made a post on Medium about writing and have neglected to follow my own advice.
I want and need to do more writing because I want to get paid for it and I actually do enjoy it on occasion. I realise some of it will be crappy work but I can still do some enjoyable writing for the sake of it.

I’ve made an account on Fiverr after doing some on-line research on freelancing. I have yet to make a “gig“, as they call them, but once I do it may make me a bit of cash and get me some valuable experience that could lead to more opportunities. My user name on there is Jonny07 for anyone who needs a laugh.

I’m choosing to be optimistic until proven otherwise and will try to make more posts (more consistently) in the future. Needless to say, my book needs more attention because I’m sure it’s beginning to feel like an unloved stepchild.
Time to see if I can put my lack of money where my mouth is.


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