Long time, no post.

Long time, no post.

I’ve been busy with my two part-time jobs, lazy, and just unmotivated in general.  I like making excuses too.

However, I have actually done work on the book I’m writing. Not as much as I’d like but something is better than nothing. I have (mostly) completed the intro to my book and the rest lies ahead of me. I regard every little bit I write as a victory, otherwise I would quickly become discouraged and likely stop altogether. Even writing this post is helping to flex my writing muscle, even if only a little. For any one who’s interested, I’ll post a short sample of what I’ve written for my book so far:

“As I look at the grizzly scene, I try not to gag from the smell. It hasn’t been long enough for them to start decomposing but the sheer amount of blood creates a dense, almost acrid smell that’s off-putting at least. I’m surprised at how composed I remain, even after noticing a portion of skull with an eye still attached staring at me from the floor behind the couch among the other assorted parts of skull and brain matter. I can’t even tell who it belonged to.”

Not much context but I hope it was intriguing at least. If I can muster it, I’ll keep writing and posting. When I have more actually written, I’ll post another update specific to my book and maybe another sample.


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