I’m not even supposed to be here today!

I’m not even supposed to be here today!

It’s only appropriate that for my inaugural post on this blog that I do it while at work on a day where I wasn’t scheduled. So bonus points to whomever guessed the title of this post nods to the movie Clerks. If you haven’t seen it, go do so. If you didn’t even know it was a Kevin Smith movie or have no idea who he is, you should dig a hole to climb into and wait for the sweet release of death.

When asked, being the nice guy I pretend to be, I took this short, mid-day shift to help out my store. I don’t mind so much because it’s the job I like more. However, that being said, I feel like today is when the bottom of the barrel decided to crawl out into the world and go specifically to me to get help. Anyone who has worked a significant amount of retail will know what I mean.

After the power outage at my house last night, I’m actually looking forward to doing laundry. So if you’ve thought you were boring, just think of me on this day.


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