Happy happy happy?

Happy happy happy?

In searching for the song Pharrell Williams did for Despicable Me 2 I discovered something that may ruin (in a good way?) my life for the next couple of days. 24hoursofhappy.com which features a 24 hour music video for the song with different people dancing in public for each play through.
At the time I was drafting this post, I had been watching the video for about 2 hours. You may think I’d be sick of the song and yet you’d be wrong. (A feeling everyone should become familiar with)

I had watched a TED talk earlier about how something as simple as posture could influence, not only others, but your own mood. A “power” posture could lower stress and increase confidence which raises questions as to how contagious happiness is. If a miserable ass such as myself can become so enthralled by a music video with a repetitive song about happiness then there must be some truth to the theory.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this whole situation is that it makes me want to get up and dance myself. A terrifying prospect, if there ever was one. I happen to be bad enough that others trying to dance in my proximity while I’m trying to dance simply get worse. Like a black hole of talent from which no skill can escape.

Regardless, my recommendation is for anyone who reads this to check out the website and just embrace the happy. No matter your mood, there should be at least one or two people whose dancing and/or personality should put a smile on your face.


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